Personality Traits of Car Owners – What kind are you?

These are the 6 major personality traits of car owners according to a California ad agency.

Gearheads – Real car enthusiasts. They enjor driving, tinkering under the hood and, more than anyone else, they believe a car says a lot about its owner. Predominantly male blue-collar workers, gearheads exist for the dream of one day owning a Japanese of domestic sports car that remains just beyond their financial grasp.

Epicures – They prefer to drive stylish, elegant, comfortable cars that tell you when the gas is getting low. If you belong to this group you are probably making upwards of $100,000.

Purists – They are young and skeptical about auto-manufacturers claims, but they still love to drive — especially sports cars. This group contains the highest concentration of laborers and Asian Americans.

Functionalists – People who go for fuel-efficiency at the expense of sportiness or style. Conservative and law-abiding, they buy small and mid-sized domestic cars and are likely to have children waiting for them to get home.

RoadHaters – Those who abhor driving and prefer large dowmstic cars with air bags. This group has the highest concentration of women, the highest median age, the lowest median personal income and the highest concentration of people who are the first to admit they don’t know much about their cars.

Negatives – They view cars as necessary evils that they would rather do without. They are educated, comprise a high share of household incomes over $75,000, buy small to mid-sized imports and don’t care about the color.

contributed by Mr. Weld Pond


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